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Your Surf Coach in Moliets has a lifetimes worth of surfing experience. I first came to the region as a kid on a surf trip at 17. Since then after 30 years of travelling the world and teaching surf i settled near Moliets. I decided to open one of the first Surf Lodges in the area , the Secret Spot Lodge . We have earnt a 5 star TripAdvisor review

your surf coach in Moliets

Having devoted my life to surf and settling in Moliets , it was naturel that my school ” Surf Lessons Moliets ” was born.

After looking at the state of the booming surf school population i decided that it was time to make sure the visiting surf student deserved to get there moneys worth for a lesson. I have worked with several schools in the Moliets area and realized that a niche in the market was there for REAL quality surf lessons , instead of scenes like this one below :

your surf coach in Moliets

Your surf coach in Moliets guarantees you with a money back promise that you will not find a school that actually runs small groups of only 5 maximum.

Private surf lessons in Moliets is also one of the things that Your Surf Coach in Moliets is specialized in . Normally for the surf student thats stuck on a certain issue for a while and needs a bit of help to get over that little bump and progress faster.

your surf coach in Moliets

Your surf coach in Moliets also runs intensive customized surf coaching for the students that are generally past the very first stages but are super motivated to get a certain manouever executed.

intensive cusomized surf coaching

Your surf coach in Moliets is an absolute expert in the beaches of the area. There isn’t a beach that hasn’t been surfed. Due to the nature of shifting sandbanks only a local really knows the area. Take our surf guide and go surf waves like this one to make your trip one you will never forget !

surf guide

Contact us here for any more details or to book your best ever surf trip up with us.