Surfing Lessons Moliets  Maa

WITH 5 ONLY IN A GROUP.  DONT WASTE YOUR ££ ON SCENES LIKE THIS ABOVE!!  Read on if you are interested in small groups of 5 to get more for your £ and learn faster. Surfing Lessons  Moliets  Maa is a bit confusing when looking for the best quality school for the money you spend.  We have simplified this by offering a MAXIMUM OF 5 IN A GROUP. Our reason is that we are a small family run business that also run a surf lodge, the Secret Spot Lodge, and our focus is on quality not quantity. If you have already tried some lessons in the area you will know that this image below is sad but true :

Surfing Lessons Moliets Maa

At Surf Lessons Moliets we will never run a group with more than 5 student , unless requested. This is one of our groups with 3 students leqrning fast :

Surfing Lessons Moliets Maa

We offer a host of other services from private tuition, coaching for the slightly more advanced surfers and of course our famous guiding …. massively popular for the surfer that wants to surf world class waves alone. You can check out all our other services in detail here.

If you have any more enquiries about our services or accommodation click here and we will get back to you.




Surfing Lessons Moliets Maa