Surf Lessons in Moliets

Hello and welcome to our blog page at Surf Lessons Moliets. With our site finished and we approach our busy trading season in and around Moliets , its a good time to give the world an idea of what exactly we are and why we are here.

Firstly a little bit about the creator of Surf Lessons Moliets. Troy Ferry will be the primary instructor and is the creator of the business and the site. private individual surf lessons MolietsWith 38 years of surfing experience Troy has been on the beaches around the world teaching first time surfers and helping people improve their technique since 1994. Having tought in Sri Lanka , Australia, Bali and the UK , Troy has now put roots down near Moliets in France.private individual surf lessons
Having spent some time teaching on and around the beaches of Moliets it was decided to create Surf Lessons Moliets to fill a desperate gap in the market for those who want a more personal and all round better learning experience. A sad fact of todays surf school world is that overcrowded lessons with 8-12 people , sub-standard wetsuits and inappropriate boards are all too often seen on the beaches. Many of the instructors have very limited surf experience and even more limited commitment to offering a quality service. This leads ultimately to a lousy intro to one of the planets most radical sports.

The introduction for the first time surfer is everything and needs to be delivered in a professional caring manner. Thats where we come in ! When you book lessons with Surf Lessons Moliets , you will profit from a few key points. We never let the groups get over 4-5 people with one instructor. The one instructor has a lifetime ocean experience, 20 years teaching experience and has worked with every different level of student possible. The equipment used is individual student appropriate and hand picked with care in order to maximize the ease of the first experience.

We are looking forward to the summer of 2015 to meet our students and make sure that our lessons are without doubt the very best of any beach in the area.

Happy surfing and see you soon ,


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