Surf Lessons Thailand

Surf Lessons Thailand is as you may expect ….. FLAT. We are on our hols so find it a bit tight not to share a little bit of sunshine with our blog readers.

Surf Lessons Thailand

As you can see the surfs not all that , but the moral of the story is a few days or weeks of flat like this rules! In one week we hit Bali, so a bit of rest and relaxation now, is going to do  the job well.

We will be starting a Bali Surf report journal as of the 10th March…… cant wait !!

Until then we have our fingers on the pulse for anyone wishing to book up surf lessons during your upcoming summer hols. Have a look at all our products here, including our famous “small group” lessons.

We are happy also to announce the first ever ISA/SE  level 1 surf instructors course this year running from our surf lodge , “The Secret Spot Lodge”. Have a look at the course if you fancy being a surf instructor here.

If you are looking for more comfort than a campsite for your holidays , check out The Secret Spot Lodge here; its luxury at the price of a campsite with our own in-house instrucor , guide and coach, check our surf products here.


Surf Lessons Thailand
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