Surf Guiding Bali This Winter

Surf Guiding Bali This Winter. We love to surf summer and winter , but the cold isnt really too far up on our list. The summer you can come to France and be guided to the waves you are looking for with us.


surf guiding Bali this winter
Surf the waves you came for …

During the European winter freeze we move to Bali and offer a guiding service here as well. After a few lessons in the french summer , why leave it there. We are in Bali and surfing every day. This was belangan beach on the east coast guiding bali this winter

This polace has a full on left hand barreling wave to start, great for experts. The end of the wave is just super perfect for the less confident beginners.

If you are thinking of coming to france , come stay with us and lets go surfing. if you are considering coming out to Bali contact us here and we will give you all the info you need and take you surfing.

Surf Guiding Bali This Winter