Massive November Waves

Massive November Waves have been smashing our shores for most of the winter so far. Its quite rare however that a perfect low pressure passes directly West of us. Massive November WavesA week ago a monster low pressure did just that. With a swell like that , all of the great points and reef breaks in Europe will light up

Massive November Waves

Mundaka above is a beast of a wave when its 4-6 foot , but any bigger its gets serious.This week was serious ! It was also cold …… Check this local guy below at the great Mundaka , surfing it with style.

Massive November Waves

It doesnt get too much more serious than that !

Its not only Spain that got the goods… La Nord right here in Hossegor was on fire as well. It was a couple of days that you needed a gun , a hood and a lot of commitment. We are still waiting for the La Nord challenge to go ahead though. You can have a birds eye look at what its like to be in the water at Hossegor when its pumping. Heres a clip from last years fun at La Nord

If you need to be guided around any of these spots then come and see us at the Secret Spot. We will guide you around and provide a better class of accommodation for your stay.

Massive november waves



Although we shut our doors soon after the contest has started we continue to work at Surf Lessons Moliets with our guiding service and lessons.

If you are thinking bout checking Nazare when it lights up its just a 9 hour drive from our door. We know people that drive down just to check this beast of a wave then drive back after. This swell left some very happy spectatotors and surfers.Massive winter waves

This is one of the bombs that Europe had to offer this week !

Massive November Waves
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